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I was referred to Louis by a friend for a substantial business litigation. Louis won the day against a large adversary with virtually unlimited resources. His track record speaks for itself. Louis is a brilliant legal mind, a formidable litigator, and a trusted business advisor.
Ron Herardian, CEO, Global System Services Corporation Mountain View, CA
Louis did more for my case in the first twenty-four hours than my previous attorney was able to accomplish in six weeks.
Cristina Carelli San Luis Obispo, CA
I would like to thank Louis Abronson for his sensitive, sensible and knowledgeable service during my divorce proceedings last year (2007).While my husband’s attorney advised “dirty pool”, Mr. Abronson consistently advocated honesty, fairness and diplomacy. Results from court hearings reflected his wisdom and my children and I were well-protected and well-provisioned. In addition to the above, I highly recommend Mr. Abronson for his integrity, thriftiness and (a bonus) great sense of humor.
Leslee Shaw Los Gatos, CA
Louis Abronson has been my attorney for going on three years, although in fairness to Louis, during that time he’s also been my business advisor, crisis management counselor, and friend. Louis litigated opposite one of the most aggressive law firms in Beverly Hills, CA–and won. Twice.
Arthur Nash NYC, NY
Counsel, you are to be congratulated for your advocacy and professionalism.
Honorable Paul L. Beeman Judge, Solano County Superior Court
If I would have known about Louis Abronson, Esquire, close to three years ago when this nightmare of a civil case was first brought against me, it would have already been settled over two years by now.

I cannot say Thank You enough to this attorney for all his impressive knowledge of the law and the admirable legal work he did on my behalf. I am still in awe of Louis Abronson’s intelligence and special abilities. Everything Mr. Abronson said he thought he could accomplish for me, he did. Because of Mr. Abronson’s extensive knowledge of the law and the impeccable motions he submitted on my behalf, not once did he fall short of winning a favorable outcome for me in court. Mr. Abronson took an extremely burdensome, drawn out and complicated case with major negative aspects to me and in a short matter of months literally performed a miracle. Faced with nine (9) causes of action I had been charged with in this case which included both intentional & negligent infliction of emotional distress, other attorneys I had gone to see all declined wanting to represent me except Louis Abronson. He whole heartedly took on this unfavorable case with odds clearly stacked against me, turned everything around and achieved what most believed impossible, he won my case!

After searching unsuccessfully for years, I have finally found an attorney that truly cares about others and the outcome of a client’s case. I truthfully can say that Louis Abronson is a knight in shining armor replete with the highest of morals in honesty, integrity, compassion and diligence to not just his clients but opposing litigants as well. At the end of this case, even the opposing attorney was somewhat in awe of his legal acuity and even admitted in court that Mr. Abronson was an extremely good attorney. I have referred other people to Mr. Abronson who are equally impressed with his legal expertise & capabilities. Louis Abronson is a genuinely nice person all around and the cream of the crop in attorneys; the best of the best. I cannot thank him enough for the difference he have made in my life. I would not hesitate in referring close friends and family to him for legal matters because as far as I am concerned, you can’t get an attorney that’s better in his field than Louis Abronson.

Pamela Carmody Los Gatos, CA
I have dealt with attorneys before but Louis Abronson is by far the best! He is very knowledgeable, intelligent, and has a great staff. He takes the time to explain everything clearly so the clients are well informed about all the legal aspects of the case and is not in doubt when a critical decision needs to be made about the case. He is very confident, well spoken, and knows the law. I would definitely reccommend him to all my family and friends.
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Louis took my case when other lawyers would not. He is down to earth, compassionate, honest, and knows the law inside and out. I had lost all hope until Louis agreed to take my case. It was a long uphill battle but Louis forged ahead, never giving up the fight. His staff are professional, dedicated and knowledgeable. He is a life saver. There are no words that adequately convey the gratitude I feel. Saying thank you isn’t enough! He changed my life. I would recommend him to any and everyone. Thank you Louis-you’re the best!!
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Louis is a good lawyer because he is very good at explaining things to make people understand them. He is one of the ones that knows what he is doing, but still talks like a real person. I would recommend Louis to anyone who is considering getting his help.
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