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Business Law

Any business from the smallest sole proprietorship to the largest corporation will, at some time, have the need for legal assistance. From the formation of the business onward, your business must comply with legal regulations and statutes. Contracts, taxes, employment agreements and…

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Business Services

As the owner of a business or an entrepreneur aspiring to own a business, you want to make sure that you are on solid legal footing every step of the way. Having a law firm you can trust standing behind you can help you avoid costly and stressful missteps on your road to success. At Abronson Law, our…

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Business Litigation

When you’re involved in the world of business, you’re swimming in a shark tank. In the race to beat the competition and maximize profits, disputes are unavoidable. They can absorb large amounts of your energy that would be utilized better in running your business efficiently. When a civil dispute arises…

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Business Information

The business formation attorneys at Abronson Law will review the legal and tax benefits of each available form of business entity and help you decide which is right for your situation. The correct choice of business entity will have a large impact on the ultimate success of the business, and we will…

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Fraud is a crime, and someone who has committed fraud may be convicted in the California state courts or the federal courts. A conviction, however, does not guarantee the return of what you lost. Even if there is a restitution order, additional steps are often required to enforce it. Recovering…

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Legal Malpractice

The California Bar sets guidelines that determine the standards members of the legal profession are expected to meet. The Bar promulgates ethics rules are that are designed to protect the consumers of legal services. When a member of the legal profession acts improperly or unethically and violates the…

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